2021 Church Leadership

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Church Council

David Hilliard (Chair)

Sharon Fleege (SPRC Chair)

Austin Apple (Education Chair)

Roger Apple (Lay Leader)

Trustees Chair (elected at 1st meeting)

Chali Lane (Worship Chair)

Bill Ghent (Finance Chair)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Lana Smith/Myrna Jones (Financial Secretary)

LeAnn Miller (Treasurer)

Jim Beasley (Bottomley Scholarship Committee Chair)

Joe Ewing (Memorial Committee Chair)

Church Office (Camp Coordinator)

Bev Trammel (UMW President)

Patty Evans (Recording Secretary)

(UMM President)

Wilda Young, Chali Lane (Representatives to Annual Conference)

Finance Committee Chairperson of Church Council, David Hilliard;  Lay Members of Annual Conference, Wilda Young; SPRC Chair, Sharon Fleege;  Lay Leader, Roger Apple; Treasurer, LeAnn Miller; Financial Secretary, Myrna Jones; a representative of trustees and the elected members: Bill Ghent (chair), Debbie Abney, Jeff Cain, Jerald Sims,  Sharon Gall, Becky Barnhill

Trustees Committee – chair is elected at first meeting of 2020                                      Karen Weirauch,  Mike Gall, Russ Carmean,  Adam Vargo, Bob Lane, Debbie Williams Randle, Jeff Jones, Julie Kuppart

Staff/Parish Relations Committee – Lay Members to Annual Conference, Wilda Young;  Lay Leader, Roger Apple;  plus the elected members below: Sharon Fleege (chair),  Phillips Nyberg, Jerry Abney, Blake Wilson, Brooke Harbison, Lynn Carmean

Nominations and Leadership Development – Pastor is chair                                     Sue Beal,  Ann Beltz, Carol Crabb, Brooke Harbison, Becky Barnhill, Aaron Apple, Mike Johnson, Doug Miller, Donna Borders

Education Committee  Austin Apple (chair),  Lily Johnson, Allison Wilson,  Misty Fulkerson, John Moore (Sun.School Supt), Karen Henderson, Hilliary DeVisser, Amanda Moore, Ashley Cain

Worship Committee  Chali Lane (chair), Tiffany Nyberg, Whitney Nicholes, Julie Hilliard,  Pam Kingston, Andy Henderson (A/V Board), Rosalie Murray, Judy Horning, Myrna Jones, Lyndsi Apple, Julie Hilliard, Allison Wilson, Melody Ossi

Outreach Committee Doris Cook & Donna Apple (Co-chairs), Melinda Jones, Nicole Apple, Bethany Shaw, Jeff Guard, Mary Reed, Susan Nyberg, Tom Fleege, Jean Switzerr

Memorial Committee Joe Ewing (chair), pastor, church secretary, UMW President, UMM President, Beverly Trammel, Leisa Ross, Jim Beasley

Bottomley Scholarship Committee Jim Beasley (chair), John Crabb, Amanda Schmitt 



Church Council                                                                                                                    Meets Quarterly on Sunday after Worship in the Sanctuary                                                         March 14, June 13, September 19, December 12

Staff/Pastor Parish Committee                                                                                           Meets Quarterly at 6:00 pm in Parlor on Wednesday in Parlor                                                 January 6, April 7, July 14, October 6

Education Committee                                                                                                               Meets Sundays after Worship in Conference Room                                                                          January 3, March 7, May 2, July 11, September 5, November7

Finance Committee                                                                                                                    Meets at 6 pm on Tuesday in Conference Room                                                                          February 2, March 2, May 4, July 6, September 7, November 2

Outreach Committee                                                                                                                Meets at 6 pm on Monday in Conference Room                                                                               February 1, April 5, June 7, August 2, October 4, December 6

Worship Committee                                                                                                                    Meets at 6 pm on Monday in Conference Room                                                                            February 8, March 22, May 20, July 19, September 20, November 22

Trustees Committee                                                                                                           Meets Quarterly, 2nd Tuesday of month, 6 pm Conference Room                                                   February 10, April 13, July 13, October 12

Congregational Breakfast                                                                                                           Meets at 9 am on Sunday in Wesley Center                                                                                       January 3, April 4, July 4, October 3

Bear Ministry                                                                                                                                   Meets every month on 2nd Tuesday at 10 am in the Parlor                                                            January 12, February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14, October12, November 9, December 14